The purpose of the Manual of Style is to provide a series of guidelines for users when creating articles for the Shenmue Wiki. These elements should be followed accordingly and with each article created. Doing so reduces any potential workload on other users. Any questions regarding this manual may be directed at the administrators.

Naming Style Edit

The Shenmue Wiki deals with Chinese and Japanese characters, however, this is an English-language wiki. The given name comes first and then the family name comes after. In addition, the Shenmue Wiki should try to adhere to the official English localizations by Sega.

For example:

  • Shenhua Ling, not Shen Hua Ling, Ling Shen Hua or Ling Shenhua.

Tips on writing a better articleEdit

If you are unfamiliar with Wiki-style editing, please review the Wikia Help page. If you are inexperienced with Wiki code, please play around with the Sandbox.

If you're familiar with the code used on Wikia, but would like advice on how to actually write a better article, please review the following essay, located on Wikipedia.

Referencing other charactersEdit

Whenever a character is first introduced into an article, they should always be referenced by their full name, unless such information is unavailable. Subsequent mentions of a character by name may use their first name or another name they are commonly referred by.


Under most circumstances, a source for a given article will be officially released media (be it a game, film, or comic). For general information that the average user could obtain on their own, such as a game ending, no source needs to be cited.

In other instances, some information may come from an official source, but isn't readily available to the general public or a developer interview). In such instances, a source of this kind should be cited or linked to.

Spoiler policyEdit

A general spoiler warning exists on the Main Page of the Shenmue Wiki. This essentially negates the need for subsequent spoiler tags. However, it is preferred that all game, film, or comic namespaces include a spoiler tag as a precaution. If a character page is encountered bearing a spoiler tag, feel free to remove it.

The exception for this rule is in concern to any article detailing newly released media. Each article should be tagged with a spoiler, and should remain tagged as such for 30 days.

Is an article a stub, or is it incomplete?Edit

While it is a tenement of Wikia and the Wiki format that all articles can be improved, any article that is encountered and thought to be unfinished should be tagged as such. We have three templates to fulfill such a purpose.

  • Cleanup Template - This template should be used on articles that are generally complete, but suffer from severe grammatical issues or poor Wiki coding.
  • Stub Template - Please insert this template into an article that consists of only a few sentences, but concerns itself with a large body of content, such as a game or main character article. Most item articles aren't considered stubs.
  • Incomplete Article Template - This template should be placed into articles that present some substantial information, but lack a majority of available information.

If an article looks as though it could be tagged with more than one of the above templates, please address the issue on the article's talk page.

Voice-acting creditsEdit

In regards to determining how to properly credit a voice actor for a role, it can often times be difficult to find a source of reliable information. All primary official sources should be searched first for the information in question, such as manuals and game credits. If no suitable information can be found, secondary official sources, such as any suspected actor's available website, should be searched.

If information cannot be obtained from an official source, it would be best to simply list the information as Unknown.

Any information obtained from sources such a IMDb should be cited as such. Please note that such information runs the risk of being reverted.

Era iconsEdit

Era Icons have been implemented as a means to quickly present article content in a consistent manner. The icons are programmed to appear in the upper-right of each article.

When making a new article, please do your best to append the appropriate icons.

  • The Era Template - {{Era|X}} - should be entered into the first line of an article's edit box to ensure proper placement of the Era icons.

If you are unsure of all material referenced in a given article, append the era tags matching the content you are sure of, and leave a note in your edit summary indicating that further icons may be needed.

For a reference list of icons and corresponding code, please see Template:Era

Setting up era iconsEdit

When appending Era Icons to an article, they should be coded into a specific order.

  • Games should always be placed first when coding in Era Icons.
    • Games should be placed in chronological order. For example, if an article involves both Shenmue I and II, Icons should be coded as follows; {{Era|Shen|Shen3|}}.
  • The "Films" icon should always follow the "Game" icons, with the "Comics" icon following both the film and games.
    • The following example is the Era Icon coding used in the Ryo Hazuki article. As that article pertains to game, film, and character, it is coded as follows: {{Era|Shen|Shen2||Shen3|Shenon|Characters|Films|Comics|}}'''
  • Category Icons should always follow media icons. Please see the above example.

If you feel you require assistance with Era Icons, please contact an administrator.

Italic titles Edit

Games or titles should be written in italic for easier understanding of what it means (although not necessary, it is preferred). For example,

  • Shenmue II (video game)
  • Shenmue Movie (film)
  • Ryo Hazuki
  • Zhao Longsun

Capitals in headings Edit

Taken from Wikipedia's Manual of Style:

"Use sentence-style capitalization, not title-style capitalization: Capitalize the first letter of the first word and any proper nouns in headings, but leave the rest lower case. Thus "Rules and regulations", not "Rules and Regulations".

For example:

  • Shenmue Online (correct)
  • Ryo Hazuki's Plan To Avenge His Father. (incorrect)
  • The murder of Iwao Hazuki (correct)
  • Shenmue III's development (correct)

Writing styleEdit

Past tense vs. present tense Edit

It really doesn't matter which is used, but should be made uniform throughout the wiki.

Multiple linksEdit

Please make attempts to avoid making multiple links to the same article. For example, if you already have a link to the page The Chapel in an article, please don't add another link to the same page later in the article.