The Poison Brothers - Du Bang Zhuo (left) and Du Hao Hui (right).

The Poison Brothers are a gang in Aberdeen. The gang consists of two brothers, Bangzhuo Du and Haohui Du. They are usually seen drinking at Ling Ling Porridge in Aberdeen. They earn a living by blackmailing, sponging off others, and gambling with each other. Mengyuan Zhong, the owner of The Big Catch Tackle Shop says he'd like to see what kind of parents raised this "trash".

They act tough, but are not really that strong. Depending on how Ryo Hazuki does on the QTE with them, he can defeat them effortlessly. The brothers also fear Wuying Ren and his Heavens gang. Haohui says that if his gang are poisonous snakes, then Ren would be a wolf.

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