Photo of Fangmei
Fangmei Photo
The photos of Ryo and Fangmei together
Found in
Backyard, Man Mo Temple

These two photographs of Fangmei Xun and Ryo Hazuki together can be obtained in the backyard of the Man Mo Temple, once Ryo is searching for Wuying Ren.

One of the apprentices, Shiquan Fu is spying on Fangmei with a camera while she is sweeping up. Once Fangmei sees Ryo, she asks Shiquan to take photos of her and Ryo together. Once he takes a couple photos, he is disappointed that the film is gone.

Ryo can choose which photograph to keep, the one where they are close or the one where they are apart. If he abstains from choosing (by pressing the B button when given the choice), Fangmei will choose for him.

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