Nozomi Harasaki
Nozomi Profile
August 23rd, 1968
Hair color
Eye color
164 cm
47 kg
Student/Aida Florist
Dobuita Workers
Voice actor
Megumi Yasu (Japanese)
Ruth Hollyhan (English)
"Please... just for a while... stay with me. I wish time would just stand still."
―Nozomi to Ryo[src]

Nozomi Harasaki (Kanji: 原崎望, Rōmaji: Harasaki Nozomi) is the first love interest of Ryo Hazuki. She is his close friend and classmate.


Nozomi was born in Vancouver, Canada and moved to Yokosuka, where her grandmother Toki Aida lives, when she was a junior high school student. She is fluent in both English and Japanese and hopes to become a Japanese/English interpreter or translator in the future.

Initially, her Japanese classmates bullied her, discriminating against her because of the different way she did things due to her different cultures. At that time, Ryo would often stand up for her. Since then, her love for him has grown over the years. She has decided that she is going to confess her love to him. She has her own opinions, but is considerate to others as well.

She then returned to Japan where she attended school with Ryo and continued to help operate her grandmother's flower shop, Aida Florist.


Following Iwao Hazuki's murder, Nozomi's parents insist she move back to Canada, thus forming the emotional subplot between her and Ryo. While wanting to respect her parents wishes she struggles to come to terms with leaving Ryo and continues to worry about him, especially since Ryo is facing dangerous groups and gangs. She is also anxious about Ryo leaving for China; Shenmue is set in the 1980s, before mainstream social media and the widespread usage of phones, so their lack of communication caused by their inevitable parting and farewell is a big deal.

She confesses her love for Ryo, however Ryo, preoccupied with avenging his father's death, is unsure of his feelings towards her (although it is strongly hinted through phone conversations and certain events that Ryo feels the same way). She is also loyal and worries greatly about Ryo in his constant quest for vengeance.

Despite this, Ryo is fiercely protective of Nozomi, even going so far as to confront the entire Mad Angels gang when she is kidnapped.

While generally shy in nature, Nozomi is shown to have great internal strength and courage, as evidenced by her defending a child being hassled by two thugs Akio Enoki and Tetsuya Nagashima in Sakuragaoka Park.


Photo of Ryo and Nozomi.

At one point in the game, Eri Tajima will take two photos of Ryo and Nozomi, one where they're side-by-side and another where they're more separated. The player must choose which photo Ryo keeps and which photo Nozomi keeps.

She eventually decides to leave for Canada while Ryo leaves for Hong Kong shortly afterward. She tells Ryo that she will return to Japan on vacation and gives him a good luck amulet. Before she leaves for good, she tells Ryo that she wishes they had more time together.

Shenmue II

Nozomi's circumstances are unknown following the events of Ryo's departure. She is only briefly mentioned while Ryo is in Guilin, where Shenhua Ling questions him about his past. He shows her the photo of him and Nozomi together that was taken at the harbor. Shenhua comments that Nozomi is beautiful and asks Ryo if all Japanese women are beautiful like her.



  • Nozomi's zodiac sign is Virgo and she has a AB blood type.
  • Nozomi bears a resemblance to Yuna from Final Fantasy in both appearance and personality. As Shenmue was released before Final Fantasy X, it is possible Nozomi served as inspiration for Yuna.


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