The capsule toy of the Chainsaw which may be an reused model of Yuan's Chainsaw.

The Chainsaw (チェンソー chainsaw) is a form of weaponry used by Yuan in his attempt to kill Ryo Hazuki and Wuying Ren when they infiltrate the Yellow Head Building in Kowloon.

There is also a miniature capsule toy version of the Chainsaw which Ryo can obtain in the Smart Set Machines found in Aberdeen, Wan Chai and Kowloon. It is a part of the Hong Kong and Shenmue II Sets that can be sold at the Pawnshops.


  • The capsule toy of the Chainsaw itself seems to be an reused model of Yuan's Chainsaw that he uses in the Yellow Head Building.
  • When the QTE with the Chainsaw are failed and Yuan kills you with it, the screen in the original Japanese version faded out to red like blood. In the English Dreamcast and Xbox releases, this was changed to fade out to white.


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