Bailu Village (白鹿村), also known as Miao Village (苗村 Miáocūn) in cut content of Shenmue II (Miao refers to the tribe), is a village in Guilin, China.

Bailu means "white deer". "Bai" (白) is Chinese for "white" and "lu" (鹿) is Chinese for "deer". White deers are the "guardians" of the village.

Shenmue II

With the exception of Shenhua Ling's house and a nearby cave, it is an unused location for Shenmue II. Only a few pictures can be seen with Ryo running around the village. There is also a map seen inside Shenhua's house of what could be the village that Ryo is in.

Shenmue III

It will be explorable in Shenmue III as the starting point.


  • Bailu Village is the location of the Shenmue tree, which the series is named after. The Shenmue tree is located by Shenhua's house.


Shenmue II (cut content)